Flag Fen 2018

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People of Ordgar camps under the blazing sun, where the constant cloud of smoke from the campfires, carries heady aromas of roasted meat and fried elderflower fritters.

The seemingly quiet encampment bustles with activity, fishing nets are mended, wool is spun, leather is stitched and braiding is crafted over sore fingers.

The peaceful day is shattered with a cry to muster, warriors of Ordgar, armed with spear, axe and sword, march on to face King Guthrums heathen army.

Amid the clamour of battle, when shield walls clash and spears bite, Ordgar warriors are betrayed…..

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Here is written, Tolstein’s Tale of Flag Fen

We marched, we slogged our battle forest moved from noble Norvic to travel to the fen of the banner as our breaker of rings bade us. We arrived at the camp of our liege lord, the warriors and the followers. Fires were stoked, staves were raised and shelters draped. We ate and drank the froth of the horn into the night, ready for the events of the next sun. Telling tales of great deeds and not so Great deeds we slept well and happy as any man ready to die for his lord should. In the morning the summons sounded, horns blew and unto us the enemy flew. The lines of battle drawn, spear pointers and lord of the sword all. Our king telling us to go forth without fear, I glanced to my sides and many good men did i see. grimbol the tanner and fiscbrut the fishermen and to my right, Egil, our champion and Alfred the elder. I trust this Alfred not , he has a nidingrs look. The lines crashed, the storm of swords began and the din roared. We fought well but our line was quickly being pushed. I saw Egil, as I was engaged, he was fighting alone against four hulking strife makers, Alfred was watching, waiting for something but not relieving our champion, I knew vengeance would have to be taken for Egil as he was struck down by the wave of blades. Our lines regrouped, and as we were to make our last charge, Alfred turned on us and slew as many noble warriors of Norvic as he could, hoping to save himself and change sides. in my country treachery like that does not go unpunished and I would not let it go as such. The dwarf sidestepped me and I crashed through there line. One axe wielder came weapon high, I dealt him a blow, he fell, another I slew, he had joined the gods before he touched the warm grass. I stood alone now, I cast aside my shield, it slowed me down. One great helmet staff stepped from their encirclement of me , an easterner as I could tell from his ridiculous trousers. He congratulated me on my valor, told me i deserved a fair fight. Had he given me one it may have gone differently, his trickery caused me a great wound and the battle was lost.
Alfie Francis Redmond