Corfe Castle battle of Wareham 2018

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After a long arduous journey, the good folk of Ordgar came upon Wareham, in the kingdom of Wessex, and there, made camp within the Burh.

There was much joy and merriment upon our arrival, and over a crackling hearth fire, shared stories and mead which occupied them until all their songs had been sung.

Under canvas or under stars, folk slept, content and at peace.

None knew of the impending violence that approached from the coast, a bristling horde of death, carried onto these shores, by the feared longship.

A day of slaughter, marches towards them as they sleep, and Wareham’s soil will be fed blood from both Christian and Heathen.

A day of hungry blades, savage spears and vicious arrows.

A day where the womenfolk, arm themselves with pots and pans.

A day that may be their last……

Thank you to Peter Fathers for many of these pictures

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