Peterborough Heritage Festival 2018

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In the midday sun, King Aethelwold and his cousin Edward the Elder met, each with an army at their backs.

When they had finished trading insults, our shieldwall  marched forth to meet the Saxon army and bring about its doom.

Our weapons and shields, stabbed and smashed our enemies to their ruin. But it is our king that lay fallen among the dead.

When the day is done it is us, the Danes, that has kept the place of slaughter.

A strange place it would seem, many of us have seen ghosts from a distant past and others claim to have seen the future.

A future where our land is united then divided by more conflict.

A future where strangely dressed warriors make mass slaughter with a fearsome weapon.

A future where death and destruction can rain down from the skies with the fury and the anger of Thor himself.

I have seen odd-looking men dancing with bells on their ankles, waving ribbons instead of axes!

Perhaps the water is tainted in this place or perhaps our Gods wanted us to see what is to come…….

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