Ely Aquafest 2018

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Close to the border of East Anglia and Wessex, folk of Ordgar came upon Ely for a peaceful exchange of customs and skills.

The local Saxon people were welcoming, but still our hearts gladdened when our friends Ouskjarr joined our ranks, along with two other wandering warriors.

Strange and wonderful sights befell our eyes.

Shiny metal boxes on wheels moved without horse or oxen, seemingly harnessing the power of Thor. In one hand, children ate cream that had been iced, in the other, they carried floating bags of air made from strange soft skin. A defensive structure made from this same stretchy skin was overrun with children who jumped and screamed with joyful madness. Metal horses endlessly spun in a circle, the locals seemed to be pleased rather than enraged that these strange beasts would not obey their commands…

It is not clear whether it was these strange sights or the blistering heat of the day, that caused the madness that befell our party.

It first began with Ordgar folk dancing in a strange manner, to a noise unlike anything they had heard before.

Ordgar trader GunnarĀ Oloafson, inexplicably exposed his private parts.

But it was young Osric that was stricken with the worst of the madness. Overwhelmed by his greed for shiny weapons, he stole Dunstan’s sword. So enraged was Dunstan, that he set about beating the boy to a bloody pulp.

Ordgar warriors turned on each other, bringing much slaughter, as the Saxon people looked on and Dragons roared their fury in the skies overhead.

When the swords and axes stopped their grisly work, the Ordgar warriors blooded and exhausted faced a new foe. One so terrifying, that it struck an icy dagger of fear in each and every warrior left on the field…The Kiddie Vike!

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