The Gippeswyk Viking and Saxon Festival 2018

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A messenger arrived with an invite from the Viking warband Blodorn Englar, their reputation as fierce warriors is spoken of in many mead halls across our lands. However the invite was one of peace towards our good Saxon people and our Lady Aelfina, who will not show weakness, accepted their offer of friendship, in the hope of creating new allies and to learn of their customs and fighting style.

So we marched upon the long road to Gippeswyk, with warriors guarding our craftsmen and womenfolk, for this road is known throughout East Anglia for its hardship and danger.

Murmurs of ill omens among our folk began to spread as Fiscbrut’s horse became lame and he had to turn back to his home. It may well be an ill omen, but it may have more to do with his horse being fed eels instead of hay.

Upon our arrival in Gippeswyk, we were greeted warmly by our host Blodorn Englar and a number of other Viking warbands, who have made camp here. Ordgar folk were out numbered and surrounded by a great many heathen warriors.

We were asked by our host to join them in a feast and to attend a combat tournament. Lady Aelfina, very tactfully declined their offer of combat by wisely pointing out that, bringing weapons to bare upon each other will not end well between Saxons and Vikings alike. There would be bloodshed and ruin between our people. So we stayed camped among the heathens, displaying craft and our way of life, while our hosts displayed their fighting skills.

A mixture of folk came to our camps to watch the fighting and to see our way of life. Their children, wore our clothes and were put to work grinding corn, which they appeared to enjoy!!

As the sun began to set over the estuary, we were summoned to attend the feast. Roasted hog and warm apple stew filled our bellies and then was  washed down with a fermented apple drink called, cider. Laughter and singing rang out to the stars as our groups rejoiced at a good day in each others company.

There was fears among us that Lady Aelfina had been poisoned with the cider, for she took ill the following day. Our fears were put to rest when our Lady made a recovery later in the day, vowing to not drink so much cider again.

The folk of Ordgar came away from Gippeswyk with new friends and a vow to return next year.

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