Ordgar returns to the Castle

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The Vikings returned to Norwich Castle for a fun filled day, packed with many ancient crafts, such as Slengr, crafting leather shoes and eel basket making, to name a few.

Ordgar was approached by a man from a tribe called “FutureRadio”, with strange magic he recorded our voices and told us that his Gods “The Listeners” will hear our words.

A skald approached our camp from a land called “Television” and said that news of us will travel to a place called “ITV Anglia”.

Many people were met and a good day was had by all.

One person had the power to soften the hearts of all the Vikings present.

One little person called Jessica who has the great knowledge of writing and gifted us with a message.

Thank you Jessica, from all of us at Ordgar.

The exhibition at Norwich Castle Museum will continue until September.