Torsteins new poem

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Bound by blood and brotherhood
Our spear point goes ever onward
The warriors of Ordgar are no stranger to war
Hastings to York, victory goes, yet we thirst for more

A singing sword
A burning field
A pool of gore

Recall, at Sewell, when Dunstan and I slew foes until there were none left to fall
Friends to wolves, we littered the field with their meals
At jorvik, fiscbrut dodged blows like a slippery eel

A burning brand
A falling friend
A soaring eagle

Friends of Odin, we fill his halls
At wareham we sent Danes back from the walls
Sure we were, that the ravens would not sleep unfed

A split skull
A blooded blade
The sound of steel

Gloriously into battle, always bold, Ordgar goes
Coming from that place we march victoriously, many stories to be told

A brother in blood
A friend in Fey
Ordgar always wins the day