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To all our friends

Ordgar wishes you all a fantastic Yuletide and a very Happy New Year.











See you in 2019


Ordgar are recruiting!

Wasshael friend.

Ordgar are looking for new members to bolster our shield wall or compliment our award winning living history display.  If you’re based in or around the East Anglian area and think you would enjoy re-enacting the battles and daily life of an Early Medieval Viking, Saxon or Norman, get in touch to come along to one of our training session and meet some of the group.

To take part in our combat training, you will need to bring along some stout gloves, such as motorcycle gauntlets.

Ordgar Herred!

Ordgar Herred!

Ordgar were granted their Herred status by the Konungar at our Society banquet this year.


We also won the Society’s ‘Living History’ award for 2015.  This is proven recognition that Ordgar always put on a great show!