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Ordgar will be at Jorvik Viking Festival 2019

Ordgar will be appearing at the Jorvik Viking Festival 2019  

Fiscbrut in the thick of the action

The Vikings are coming to Norwich

People of Norwich, beware!

9th February 2019 & 16th February 2019 will see Ordgar lay siege to Norwich Castle.

Ordgar at the battle of Hastings video

The battle of Hastings 2018













On weary feet, the folk of Ordgar travelled south to join the army of King Harold Godwinson. A vast army of our Saxon people had gathered, their many banners snapping viciously in the wind.

Friends and friends-yet-to-be-made gathered on the rugged slope of Senlac hill. Grim warriors all, they faced an almighty foe behind a vast battered shield wall, bristling with spears still stained with Viking blood.

On this fateful day, the sky turned black under the weight of deadly arrows, the ground shook with the thunder of enemy horses and the air shattered with the cries of battle.

Blood fed the soil as our blades brought death to our enemies, shields buckled under the weight of this murderous threat to our land.

Again and again they were pushed back, yet still they came.

A frenzy for slaughter erupted from a group of our warrior kin and they charged with all their might to their doom.

News of our fallen king spread through our ranks like a plague on our courage. Yet we fought on, with our shield wall and hearts broken.

No Saxon warrior was spared on this day, all threw their lives upon the Norman blades.

A hush settled on the battlefield as the crows descended upon the fallen and a haunted wind whispered through the trees, foretelling of the death of our England.

A death of our way of life, our culture, our civilisation…

On a lighter note…

Ordgar unleashed Bob, our decapitated friend, upon all those who visited our camp.

A Saxon man plucked his co…male chicken, all weekend!

Torstein had some fine dark age dentistry administered by Prior Godwyn…when Torstein stopped screaming, he was most pleased with his smile.

Old friends were met and new ones made.

Alcohol drank and authentic stew filled our bellies.

Bring on next years 1066, these Normans won’t know what hit them.


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A walk through camp at Hastings 2018

The Gippeswyk Viking and Saxon Festival 2018

A messenger arrived with an invite from the Viking warband Blodorn Englar, their reputation as fierce warriors is spoken of in many mead halls across our lands. However the invite was one of peace towards our good Saxon people and our Lady Aelfina, who will not show weakness, accepted their offer of friendship, in the hope of creating new allies and to learn of their customs and fighting style.

So we marched upon the long road to Gippeswyk, with warriors guarding our craftsmen and womenfolk, for this road is known throughout East Anglia for its hardship and danger.

Murmurs of ill omens among our folk began to spread as Fiscbrut’s horse became lame and he had to turn back to his home. It may well be an ill omen, but it may have more to do with his horse being fed eels instead of hay.

Upon our arrival in Gippeswyk, we were greeted warmly by our host Blodorn Englar and a number of other Viking warbands, who have made camp here. Ordgar folk were out numbered and surrounded by a great many heathen warriors.

We were asked by our host to join them in a feast and to attend a combat tournament. Lady Aelfina, very tactfully declined their offer of combat by wisely pointing out that, bringing weapons to bare upon each other will not end well between Saxons and Vikings alike. There would be bloodshed and ruin between our people. So we stayed camped among the heathens, displaying craft and our way of life, while our hosts displayed their fighting skills.

A mixture of folk came to our camps to watch the fighting and to see our way of life. Their children, wore our clothes and were put to work grinding corn, which they appeared to enjoy!!

As the sun began to set over the estuary, we were summoned to attend the feast. Roasted hog and warm apple stew filled our bellies and then was  washed down with a fermented apple drink called, cider. Laughter and singing rang out to the stars as our groups rejoiced at a good day in each others company.

There was fears among us that Lady Aelfina had been poisoned with the cider, for she took ill the following day. Our fears were put to rest when our Lady made a recovery later in the day, vowing to not drink so much cider again.

The folk of Ordgar came away from Gippeswyk with new friends and a vow to return next year.

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Whitby Abbey 2018



Reports have been coming in that a fierce encounter between these two warring sides has erupted at the sacred site of Whitby Abbey.

The cause of the conflict is still unknown.

Lets speak to some of the people who were there.

Prior Godwyn would you give us an account of whats happened at Whitby Abbey?

“So, the weary travellers of Ordgar arrived at the monastery of Whitby and set up camp in the wind and squall. The group huddled around the campfire that evening to keep the wind and cold at bay and told stories as the dark crept in. The next morning was fine and everyone was in fine spirit. The Prior found a penetrant in young Alfred as he gave lewd signals in front of the public on his way to a skirmish with Vikings that morn. He found absolution from his sin on his return after taking a knee, repenting and supplying the church with coin for his indulgence. The sun shone and the heathen Viking raiders who turned up later that day were turned from the abbey by the good Christian fyrd of the Saxons. Godwyn demonstrated his gory infirmarian skills to the public and they found this surprisingly repugnant. Surely it is Gods will whether a man becomes well and that illness is a judgement upon the unworthy? That evening it became cold later but there were indulgences by all with drink, singing, curious crisps and drumming around the Ordgar campfire. The next day was cold and wet, atonement for the previous night. The wind blew down awnings and the rain fell. I hear that the battle was as ferocious as the day before but I know not of the outcome as the lady Aelfina and I had to pack up and leave at day to travel back to Norwic. Others from the Ordgar contingent stayed that night so would be better placed to tell of the next day’s event.”

Thank you Prior Godwyn.

Ah, a Saxon fisherman, can you tell us your name?


Fiscbrut in your own words please tell us what has happened at Whitby Abbey?

“Whitby was Seagulls , Wind, Full Moon, Vampires, Chips, Machine Gun Fire, Bowl carving, Geordies and Awesome…..”

Erm… thank you Fiscbrut, clearly the poor man has sustained a blow to the head.

I can see a young viking warrior up ahead, at the risk of being disembowled or made a slave, I’m going to ask him his side of the story.

Hael young warrior, when you have finished washing the blood off your axe, would you tell us of the events, here at Whitby Abbey?

My name is Torstein Sigvardrson and this is my tale.”

“The house of God sat on a hill overlooking the whale road, a pity that they didn’t have the eyes to see us streaming towards them. An easy raid said Ivar, his brother too, as soon as they saw us though the monks flew. We set upon the monastery burning and stealing, the poorer men snatched sheep and some monks who could or would not run and returned to the ships. But the Saxons had seen us and were waiting, a sea of shields ready to be stirred by our storm of swords. The leaders parlayed, fools, did they not know why we came? We charged and the lines crashed, the battle ebbed and flowed like a river, but they had the better of us. Our line fell back, pricked by battle thorns I led siglief and Sigurd away, as we scarpered to the ships with my honour hurt. When I saw our leaders Ivar and Ubbe, my honour was slightly healed. Ivar and Ubbe have powerful friends, who wanted part of the sacking of the monastery, after a few weeks we were ready for the final assault. They expected us again, I suspect they heard our merrymaking carried by the wind by the gods as they were many more than the last time. But so were we, with calls on the gods Odin and Thor on our lips, we crashed into the Saxon line. The fighting fierce, the Saxons put a lot of stock in stone buildings and dead men on crosses. Their left flank fell and as my arms became soaked to the shoulder, we swept round like a wave of blades and surrounded the remaining Saxons. It was not a battle but a slaughter, they fell crying and calling for their god and their mothers. The battle was over and the plunder began, I and Bjorn found ourselves in the fish market, ravaging the stalls and coveting the goods. I was set upon my skraelings who spoke with strange accents, though I could barely understand them. They demanded I stay still and several of them held me.in place as they scratched my likeness into stone. A strange day indeed!”

Thank you Torstein.

Ah, some pictures have just come in, lets take a look.

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Elveden Country and Craft Show 2018

Under a fierce sun, Ordgar camped in the beautiful countryside of Elveden to demonstrate our crafts and skills.

Our visit was one of peace, that allowed our warriors to relax and set up a training ground to show the locals their fighting styles and skills.

Leather was crafted, clothing stitched and the cook fire burned throughout the day, giving us a hearty evening meal.

In the flickering firelight of the evening, new friends were made, Ale and Rhubarb Gin flowed and our hearts filled with bawdy song and merriment and as the heavens displayed its glittering wonders, Eadgyth shared her heartfelt story to eager ears.


Ely Aquafest 2018

Close to the border of East Anglia and Wessex, folk of Ordgar came upon Ely for a peaceful exchange of customs and skills.

The local Saxon people were welcoming, but still our hearts gladdened when our friends Ouskjarr joined our ranks, along with two other wandering warriors.

Strange and wonderful sights befell our eyes.

Shiny metal boxes on wheels moved without horse or oxen, seemingly harnessing the power of Thor. In one hand, children ate cream that had been iced, in the other, they carried floating bags of air made from strange soft skin. A defensive structure made from this same stretchy skin was overrun with children who jumped and screamed with joyful madness. Metal horses endlessly spun in a circle, the locals seemed to be pleased rather than enraged that these strange beasts would not obey their commands…

It is not clear whether it was these strange sights or the blistering heat of the day, that caused the madness that befell our party.

It first began with Ordgar folk dancing in a strange manner, to a noise unlike anything they had heard before.

Ordgar trader Gunnar Oloafson, inexplicably exposed his private parts.

But it was young Osric that was stricken with the worst of the madness. Overwhelmed by his greed for shiny weapons, he stole Dunstan’s sword. So enraged was Dunstan, that he set about beating the boy to a bloody pulp.

Ordgar warriors turned on each other, bringing much slaughter, as the Saxon people looked on and Dragons roared their fury in the skies overhead.

When the swords and axes stopped their grisly work, the Ordgar warriors blooded and exhausted faced a new foe. One so terrifying, that it struck an icy dagger of fear in each and every warrior left on the field…The Kiddie Vike!

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Peterborough Heritage Festival 2018

In the midday sun, King Aethelwold and his cousin Edward the Elder met, each with an army at their backs.

When they had finished trading insults, our shieldwall  marched forth to meet the Saxon army and bring about its doom.

Our weapons and shields, stabbed and smashed our enemies to their ruin. But it is our king that lay fallen among the dead.

When the day is done it is us, the Danes, that has kept the place of slaughter.

A strange place it would seem, many of us have seen ghosts from a distant past and others claim to have seen the future.

A future where our land is united then divided by more conflict.

A future where strangely dressed warriors make mass slaughter with a fearsome weapon.

A future where death and destruction can rain down from the skies with the fury and the anger of Thor himself.

I have seen odd-looking men dancing with bells on their ankles, waving ribbons instead of axes!

Perhaps the water is tainted in this place or perhaps our Gods wanted us to see what is to come…….

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