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Elveden Country and Craft Show 2018

Under a fierce sun, Ordgar camped in the beautiful countryside of Elveden to demonstrate our crafts and skills. Our visit was one of peace, that allowed our warriors to relax and set up a training ground to show the locals their fighting styles and skills. Leather was crafted, clothing stitched and the cook fire burned […]

Ely Aquafest 2018

Close to the border of East Anglia and Wessex, folk of Ordgar came upon Ely for a peaceful exchange of customs and skills. The local Saxon people were welcoming, but still our hearts gladdened when our friends Ouskjarr joined our ranks, along with two other wandering warriors. Strange and wonderful sights befell our eyes. Shiny […]

Peterborough Heritage Festival 2018

In the midday sun, King Aethelwold and his cousin Edward the Elder met, each with an army at their backs. When they had finished trading insults, our shieldwall¬† marched forth to meet the Saxon army and bring about its doom. Our weapons and shields, stabbed and smashed our enemies to their ruin. But it is […]

Corfe Castle battle of Wareham 2018

After a long arduous journey, the good folk of Ordgar came upon Wareham, in the kingdom of Wessex, and there, made camp within the Burh. There was much joy and merriment upon our arrival, and over a crackling hearth fire, shared stories and mead which occupied them until all their songs had been sung. Under […]

Flag Fen 2018

People of Ordgar camps under the blazing sun, where the constant cloud of smoke from the campfires, carries heady aromas of roasted meat and fried elderflower fritters. The seemingly quiet encampment bustles with activity, fishing nets are mended, wool is spun, leather is stitched and braiding is crafted over sore fingers. The peaceful day is […]

Battle of Hastings 2017

21 members of Ordgar travelled to Battle to join other reenactors in the 951st anniversary of this battle.¬† Members of Saebert’s Folc also camped with us over the weekend. The group put on a great living history display with farmers, fishermen, spoon whittling, authentic cooking, braiding and weapon demonstrations to name a few crafts.¬† We […]