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The Vikings are coming to Norwich

People of Norwich, beware! 9th February 2019 & 16th February 2019 will see Ordgar lay siege to Norwich Castle.

Combat Training November 2018

Ordgar and Ousekjarr warriors gathered on a chilly Sunday afternoon for a spot of combat training and be put to the test, as we faced the Formation test. Congratulations to all for passing.

Ordgar at the battle of Hastings vide...

The battle of Hastings 2018

                        On weary feet, the folk of Ordgar travelled south to join the army of King Harold Godwinson. A vast army of our Saxon people had gathered, their many banners snapping viciously in the wind. Friends and friends-yet-to-be-made gathered on the rugged slope of […]

A walk through camp at Hastings 2018

The Gippeswyk Viking and Saxon Festiv...

A messenger arrived with an invite from the Viking warband Blodorn Englar, their reputation as fierce warriors is spoken of in many mead halls across our lands. However the invite was one of peace towards our good Saxon people and our Lady Aelfina, who will not show weakness, accepted their offer of friendship, in the […]

Whitby Abbey 2018

BREAKING NEWS VIOLENT CLASH BETWEEN ANGLO SAXON AND VIKING ARMIES AT WHITBY ABBEY 2018 Reports have been coming in that a fierce encounter between these two warring sides has erupted at the sacred site of Whitby Abbey. The cause of the conflict is still unknown. Lets speak to some of the people who were there. […]

Ordgar are recruiting!

Wasshael friend. Ordgar are looking for new members to bolster our shield wall or compliment our award winning living history display.  If you’re based in or around the East Anglian area and think you would enjoy re-enacting the battles and daily life of an Early Medieval Viking, Saxon or Norman, get in touch to come along to one […]

Ordgar Herred!

Ordgar Herred!

Ordgar were granted their Herred status by the Konungar at our Society banquet this year. We also won the Society’s ‘Living History’ award for 2015.  This is proven recognition that Ordgar always put on a great show!