Herred of the Viking Society

Party time!!!

Ordgar members got together for a party in a 12th century leper house, where they ate, drank and then fought!!!

A walk through our living history village video

Jorvik Viking Festival 2019

Hundreds of vikings descend on the streets of York for the annual Viking Festival and Ordgar were there.

Deals were made with traders, drinks were drank with new and old friends and tired feet marched through the ancient streets in a huge parade.

As evening crept in, two armies hungry for slaughter crashed together, shattering the peace with the violent clash of weapons and the cries of fallen warriors on their way to the halls of Valhalla.

As one army stands over their fallen foes, the sky bursts with dazzling lights and the deafening rumble of thunder.

Ending the Jorvik Viking Festival in spectacular fashion.

Ordgar returns to the Castle

The Vikings returned to Norwich Castle for a fun filled day, packed with many ancient crafts, such as Slengr, crafting leather shoes and eel basket making, to name a few.

Ordgar was approached by a man from a tribe called “FutureRadio”, with strange magic he recorded our voices and told us that his Gods “The Listeners” will hear our words.

A skald approached our camp from a land called “Television” and said that news of us will travel to a place called “ITV Anglia”.

Many people were met and a good day was had by all.

One person had the power to soften the hearts of all the Vikings present.

One little person called Jessica who has the great knowledge of writing and gifted us with a message.

Thank you Jessica, from all of us at Ordgar.

The exhibition at Norwich Castle Museum will continue until September.

Warriors of Ordgar visit Norwich Castle Museum

The Castle Museum is host to a Viking hoard.

The warriors of Ordgar paid them a visit!

As part of the museums display, Ordgar were there to talk to the visitors, have photos taken and reclaim their treasures.

A fantastic day was had by all.

The Castle has not seen the last of us, we will be there again on Saturday 16th February 2019.

Torsteins new poem


Bound by blood and brotherhood
Our spear point goes ever onward
The warriors of Ordgar are no stranger to war
Hastings to York, victory goes, yet we thirst for more

A singing sword
A burning field
A pool of gore

Recall, at Sewell, when Dunstan and I slew foes until there were none left to fall
Friends to wolves, we littered the field with their meals
At jorvik, fiscbrut dodged blows like a slippery eel

A burning brand
A falling friend
A soaring eagle

Friends of Odin, we fill his halls
At wareham we sent Danes back from the walls
Sure we were, that the ravens would not sleep unfed

A split skull
A blooded blade
The sound of steel

Gloriously into battle, always bold, Ordgar goes
Coming from that place we march victoriously, many stories to be told

A brother in blood
A friend in Fey
Ordgar always wins the day

Ordgar at the Castle Museum Video

First Combat Training of 2019

To all our friends

Ordgar wishes you all a fantastic Yuletide and a very Happy New Year.











See you in 2019


Ordgar will be at Jorvik Viking Festival 2019

Ordgar will be appearing at the Jorvik Viking Festival 2019  

Fiscbrut in the thick of the action