Extreme Vikings 2018


In the depths of a harsh winter, 2 days before the land was covered in deep crisp snow, seven of our folk traveled to the land of Lincolnshire.

Taking only what they could carry on their backs, they made camp in the bitter wilderness, to test their resolve and spirit.

The only comfort came from the sheepskin bedding and a meagre fire lit with painfully cold fingers.

As darkness takes its grip and the spirits of the old gods tread the earth, a new threat approaches unseen. A blade in an icy grip, moves slowly through the crisp undergrowth, intent on murder……

These are the accounts of our warriors, in their own words


Tolstein Sigvardson

We marched to lincolnscyr, me, Bjorn, Aelle and our konungar Hrothgar. We made camp in a clearing, the ground was hard with the winter frost. Our fire was small but warm, and we gathered close round it in the dark night. We spoke of past battles and great deeds, my thoughts turned to vengeance for my father. We heard the tune of merriment and saw the liquid gold of tall flames through the trees. We had seen our enemy and now Hrothgar revealed our mission. We were to scout the enemy, and attack in the morning. Bjorn, I and the king scouted their camp and found they were led by darrach the Welshman, with Skeggir, Gunnar, the Saxon Alaric but most importantly the slayer of my father Kort Sigurdsson. We went back to camp and found Hrothgar injured, one of their number had snuck too close and injured the king though Aelle had fought them off. We slept, well I slept. The whispers of the norns held me deep in their embrace, and I slept through the defeat of my kinsman. I myself was injured multiple times, never once rousing from my fated slumber. Thank the gods, the frost the night was so bitterly cold that my wounds froze instantly, the same with that of my kin, and we lived to fight another day.



Kort Sigurdsson

i went in Winter .
We arrived at around midday, it was cold, but nothing a good walk about could not fix .. the evening was a bit colder  i believe, but a robust fire kept the chill off .We had to put up our sleeping structures . learned to light a cooking fire, without burning the wood down to cook food . We kept watchful for any attacks that may come from the other encampments, to which there was a few , failed covert attacks on their part . Though our camp tried a few as well. In morning we had breakfast, packed away everything, made sure fire was well and truly out, then did an early morning raid on enemy camp …. we killed them all . Why did i do it?…..only thing i can think of is, because i wanted to….it appeals  to me, spending a couple of days living as a warrior… I plan on doing many more.. 


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Here is written, the unfinished saga,

As was the custom Hrothgar met with his councillors in the New Year and shortly after, with Darrach Ap Llywellyn, led a band of warriors to spy out the people of Lincolnscir. They made two parties, with Hrothgar were Aella Sveinsson, Bjorn Tokison and Thorstein Sigvardson and with Darrach were Skeggir Torstein, Kort Sigurdsson, Gunnar Oloafson and Alaric Ericsson. Hrothgars band made a camp near to a well defended burh, the day had been very cold so they expected the night would be the same, they collected plenty of fire wood to make sure they would be warm throughout the night. Aella stayed at the camp and prepared hot food while the others made several attempts to get inside the fortifications. Hrothgar went right round the burh before he found a place from which he could approach undetected and was crawling close with the aim of capturing one of it’s defenders when a tone rang out and an eerie light lit him up, he had to beat a hasty retreat. Thurstein tried to approach the place also but he was wearing a white cloak and was easily spotted by the alert guards who would shout insults at him as he retreated. Bjorn also tried to get into the place but without success. They later found out the place was called Duke’s Burh, Hrothgar took the belief that the place was protected by an evil Dwarven sorcerer using telling home magic. Back at their camp Hrothgar told of some of his past adventures and passed on the lore of the wild woods. Soon after dawn Hrothgar and his party tried the defence of Duke’s Burh but while they were able to kill the gate guard the defenders of the place quickly armed themselves and were able to drive off Hrothgar’s party. Hrothgar decide the place was too well defended for further attacks. Darrach had more success when he came upon a place that was wide open with no easy means of defence. Hethen set up a secure camp and on the advice of Kort he ordered the others to gather in a great amount of wood, Kort is said to have svartelf blood in his veins and was reputed to be a great brewer of potions, he planned to brew up a mighty potion for Darach who was suffering from the ill effects of a recent encounter with a snot troll. While Alaric, Gunnar and Skeggir were collecting wood they came upon what they thought were entrances to Helheim and fearfully turned away, but these were troll lairs! Once they had a fire Kort brewed a hot mead drink, he brewed so much that they took some to Hrothgar and the others and so hot was the mead it was still hit when they drank it. Darrach then sent Alaric, Gunnar and Skeggir to test the alertness of its guards. Darrach remained in camp with Kort who prepared food for the warriors return and listened to Darrach’s rambling, the mead or the effect of the green snot trol had caused him to loose his mind for a while. Alaric had not before done such a thing and was very excited and eager to take the life of an enemy. The three brave fellows set off planning to make a wide circuit around the place but they came upon a frozen river along which they thought they saw ice trolls with bright glowing eyes rushing. The troll slayer Darrach was not with them so they were greatly afraid and changed their plans. Next they came upon a wall that looked easy to climb but was so short they went round it, as they did ravens burst out of the trees and made a terrible racket, they feared they had been given away to their enemies. when the noise abated and sufficient time elapsed to alay their concerns they set off again. When they came upon the place the guards were sat about their fire telling stories and drinking ale, Alaric saw that one had long flowing locks of fair hair and took it to be a woman, thinking that the guards were being distracted he and the the others crept on their bellies towards the guards. When Alaric was close enough he rushed in and fatally stabbed a guard, they all then made their way safely back to Darrach. This place was called Duke’s Field and while Darrach and his party were sitting about their fire planning their morning attack on the place Kort suddenly jumped from his seat and exclaimed that the goddess of light was calling him. He rushed from their camp and could be heard praying loudly in the woods. The night was long and cold so Darrach warriors piled all their wood on the fire and were very warm for much of the night, but at the deepest cold of the night they ran out of wood and were forced to send Skeggir and Gunnar forth in search for more. They lost their way and after a while found themselves at the troll lairs, it was now that they new them for what they were for a rarest troll reached out to grasp Skeggir’s hand. As he felt the touch he jumped back and the tr