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Below are the confirmed public events that Ordgar will be attending this year. Please click on the links for more information.

For up to date details of all of the Vikings Society’s public events, please visit the Vikings Society Events Calendar.

Sunday 9th April

Scira Viking Festival

Vikings will be returning once more to Scira’s village of Sheringham!

There will be a full Viking and Saxon camp with many crafts being demonstrated, combat displays throughut the day and as always the event will end with a torch lit procession and the burning of a Viking longship.

For more information, please visit the event’s Facebook page

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Saturday 18th May to Wednesday 1st June

The Vikings are back in York!

The Vikings will once again be pitching their tents in central York in February 2022 with the welcome return of the JORVIK Viking Festival!

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Monday 20th to Monday 27th June

The vikings re-enactment society invite you to attend a viking festival, taking place over a whole week, with the first half of the week dedicated to educational trips for schools, culminating in a weekend packed with entertainment for all.

A unique, fun and educational day out, set in the beautiful rural landscape of Locko Park, near Derby.

This one-off event will bring together Viking re-enactors from across the country and the world, to recreate a large Viking army encampment, full of craftsmen, traders and warriors, allowing visitors to step back a thousand years, to when England was under threat from fierce Viking invaders.

It’s an interactive day, full of things to see and do, for adults and children: watch and talk to period craftsmen at work, see Viking boats up close and meet their crews and peruse and buy the exotic goods for sale at the Viking market.

Meet Viking warriors and get hands-on with their equipment. Children can have-a-go at forming their own Viking shield-wall. The highlight of the day will be the ‘Battle of Thousand Spears’, as the invading Viking army faces the Anglo-Saxon army of Mercia, in the largest Viking-era battle in the UK for a thousand years.

The Viking Festival will celebrate and illuminate a dark-age of Britain’s history.

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Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th July

Wirral Viking Festival is a brand-new event celebrating the Wirral’s rich heritage and Viking History over 2 days in June. Get a real flavour of day-to-day life in a Viking village when Northern England was ruled by a set of Norse Earls of Viking descent.

The brutal Battle of Brunanburh in 937 defined the country we know today as England. Recent significant finds by Wirral Archaelogy point to the Wirral as a possible location for this monumental moment in England’s history.

The beautiful surroundings of Claremont Farm provide the backdrop for a stunning re-enactment of The Battle of Brunanburh: a dramatic clash of shield and sword, of Viking and Saxon Warriors.

For more information, please visit:

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Saturday 27th to Monday 29th August

Whitby Abbey

More information to follow.

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