Ordgar means spearpoint in Old English and we are the Norfolk group of the The Vikings! Society, the oldest and largest early medieval re-enactment Society in the UK.

Ordgar, Sheringham Viking festival 2024

Who is Ordgar?

We formed in 2011 and have grown steadily, with members from all over East Anglia. We have dedicated our time and research to the 8th – 11th century, portraying the warfare, the dress, crafts and everyday life of the Anglo-Danish culture of that period. We are very proud to be known for our high standards of presentation, historical accuracy and attention to detail and have an award winning living history display.

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What does Ordgar do?

We currently meet Monthly for training in combat skills and living history crafts. We are then able to demonstrate these skills when we take part in organised public events across the UK, from the famous Viking raid at Lindisfarne in 793 to the Norman Invasion of 1066 where William claimed the crown of England after the Battle of Hastings. We strive to always provide an authentic and educational portrayal while ensuring a memorable and enjoyable day for those who come to watch the event.

A list of our upcoming events can be found here. To take part in these events, you must be a member of the Viking Society.

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How can you join Ordgar?

Would you like to join a dynamic, fascinating hobby which can take you around amazing venues such as Flag Fen, Battle Abbey, Corfe castle and more? Would you like to recreate a period of our history filled with heroes and villains? Then why not join Ordgar! In addition to the aforementioned public events, Viking Society members get to participate in banquets and large scale training weekends. If you are willing to travel, it is possible to appear at a Society event almost every weekend during show season. Depending on your interests, we can train you in the safe use of metal hand weapons, in the bow, sling or javelin and how to participate in a wide range of crafts such as weaving, leatherwork, woodwork, pottery or blacksmithing. The Viking Society also has guilds of folk, ready to train you how to be a part of the cavalry or how to sail a longship! Society events are family orientated and include activities for young children and teenagers. We provide a support network and community to help you put together your first costume and assemble enough kit so you can take part in your first event!

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How do I book Ordgar?

If you are interested in hiring us for a local event, school visit by a Saxon or Viking or to make enquiries about film or TV work, please Contact Us. Whether you are looking for a single specialist for a museum exhibition or a full living history encampment, we can help you. Our arena displays demonstrate hand-to-hand combat or the use of the bow and the sling for hunting or warfare. Our village set up allows you to walk through history to experience the crafts, see and smell the food and listen to the way of life of our forebears. We are also able to connect with our extensive network of friends and colleagues within the Viking Society itself to provide a much larger scale event, with several hundred members, a full day of arena events and extensive tented encampment culminating in a pitched battle. The Viking Society has extensive experience in working for the media, with film, TV and book shoots to their credit.

Whether you are interested in hiring us for your event, coming to watch our displays, joining as a member, or just learning more about the Viking Age, we hope to see you soon!

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