Who are Ordgar?


Waes hael friend and welcome to our digital Mead hall!

I am Aelfina, daughter of the Eolderman Edmund ‘Ordgar’ Sprow who owns these lands.  My people are known as Ordgar, which means ‘Spear point’ in Ænglisc (Old English) in honour of my father’s prowess with the spear.

We are the villagers of the small settlement of Sprowestuna-tun in the Kingdom of the East Angles.  The soil here is good, there is plenty of timber, and several streams supply us with fresh water.

A snapshot of Saxon village life

We are the Norfolk group of The Vikings!, the oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment society in the UK.  We bring the rich Saxon and Norse cultures of Dark Age East Anglia to life through combat displays and living history demonstrations.

Our members are mostly based in Norfolk but we do have members from Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. We are a non-profit & non-political group.

Whether you are looking for Vikings or Saxons, you will find that both cultures are well represented by us.

We are a social group and meet regularly for combat training and kit making. Please contact us if you wish to join or want to book us for an event!