Combat Training

Once every fortnight, Ordgar warriors gather for combat practice at Sewell Park Academy, St Clements Hill, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 4BX.

Led by our experienced and friendly combat trainers, Alex and Duncan, we our put through our paces, Dark Age style.

We fight with various authentic weapons; Seax, Longseax, Spear, Two handed Long Spear, Axe, Sword, Long bows and Dane Axes.

Being part of the Viking society, we are very much about control and safety, but at the same time making it look like we are trying to slaughter each other.

A typical training session consists of-

Warm up- A gentle jog, stretches,

One on one fighting-  To build a warriors stamina and skill with their chosen weapons.

Shieldwall maneuvers- In a large battle scenario, it is crucial for a warrior to be able to follow shield commands and to move as one with their fellow warriors,

Shieldwall clashes- Fighting in a shieldwall is vastly different to single combat, requiring good defensive skill, and fighting as a unit.

Receiving missiles- Archers and Slingers get to take shots at the warriors during shieldwall maneuvers and clashes.  Warrior  learn to use spatial awareness, take hits from missiles and fight tatically.

The circle- This is a training game with a few variations, WITH HONOUR all the warriors will make a circle and fight single combat without backstabbing. WITHOUT HONOUR the same but all warriors can stab each other in the back. VALHALLA the same as Without Honour, but when the warrior that killed you die, you return to life to fight again.

The Viking Society promotes safety and skill on the battlefield. Newcomers will train towards passing their basic combat test, which allows them to fight at shows. More advanced weapons and tests are available if the warrior so wishes.

We welcome newcomers, please contact us to arrange a session. Head protection can be provided, no prior experience needed, padded gloves required. Age restriction for combatants 16+.

Draw your sword, wield your axe, thrust your spear and loose your arrows. Come and join our friendly band of warriors for a dark age workout.

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